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Together with our far-reaching, versatile network of experts, we have the ambition to help you transform your ‘good’ into your ‘better’ and your ‘better’ into your ‘best’. Get ready to create your own future!

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Whatever we do for you, we see ourselves as your partner and not just a service provider:

Organisational Development & Change Strategy

Organisations are under pressure to adapt to their fast-paced environment, especially to mega trends like digitisation and new competition.

Change is treated as a series of projects, while the aim should be to create optimal frame conditions for continuous organisational evolution and self-organisation. And all too often the human factor is neglected, leading to slow progress and frustration.

Human-centred approaches save resources and open new possibilities. Create your organisation’s future while enabling flow and performance!

Strategy Development & Dealing With Complexity

A clear, coherent direction is important. However, due to today’s level of uncertainty, classic strategy development is reaching its limits. Most organisations have a structural and cultural legacy rooted in a mechanistic worldview and thus difficulties in dealing with complexity. Implementing explicit strategies may have served us in the past, but it is unlikely it will in the future.

In Mintzberg’s words: “Hence to manage this process is not to preconceive strategies but to recognize their emergence and intervene when appropriate.”

Assess what complexity means to you on a strategic level and improve your competitiveness and organisational resilience!

Business Agility & Agile Ways of Working

Organisations must become more agile to succeed in a ‘VUCA world’ (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).

What exactly does that mean? In many places, ill-guided initiatives have left behind scorched earth, an aversion to ‘agile’ and unsettled employees. A thorough understanding is essential, particularly on the top leadership level. Shift from doing a bit of agile in pockets of the organisation to being agile from strategic to operational levels.

Business agility is also about bringing more common sense to organisations to increase stakeholder value. Find out how to go about this in your specific context!

High Performing Teams & Teams of Teams

Many of today’s complex challenges cannot be solved by individuals alone. Teams are becoming increasingly important. 

They are more than the sum of their team members, have their own level of intelligence and distinct dynamics. Working in groups inevitably entails smaller and larger impositions. 

Understand principles of effective team organisation and recognise typical group dynamics. Making it all tangible and discussable is crucial to increase flow, impact, individual motivation and ultimately team performance. 

Mediation & Communication and Conflict Competence

Up to 50% (!) of working time is spent on workplace conflicts. The increased need for adaptability requires ever stronger communication and conflict competence. It is an essential lubricant and lever for performance.

Strong emotions are involved when you are personally affected. It can be very difficult to get back on constructive territory without the help of a neutral person. That is profoundly human.

It is possible to resolve such tangled, often highly escalated situations. And it is possible to invest in a healthy conflict culture as a basis for smooth collaboration. Why wait?

Effective Workshops & Meetings

Ineffective meetings and workshops are a major nuisance and productivity killer. In short: an unnecessary cost driver.

Day-to-day operational frenzy tends to focus on the “what”. We neglect the “why” and “how”. After all, we do not have time for the latter. Instead we are attending meetings which are lacking a clear goal, preparation and structure.

Of course, meetings and workshops have their benefits. Having an experienced facilitator and setting up smart meeting and decision-making routines saves you time and energy immediately. And it saves a lot of money in the long run.

Leadership & Personnel Development

Your business may have a traditional organisational structure, flatter hierarchies or one of the more novel forms of organisation. Whoever you deem a “leader” in your organisation and however you currently define “leadership”, chances are there is room for improvement. Gallup’s 2018 worldwide study says only 10% (!) of Western European employees are fully engaged at work. The yearly cost for Germany alone is €112 to €138 billion.

In an increasingly complex and dynamic world different and additional skills are required. Standing still means falling behind.

Given the damage weak leadership causes, the business case for focused individual development is strong. Let’s assess your potential together!

Executive Coaching & Sparring

The demands on decision-makers are high, the challenges are numerous. Competition is relentless and the air is thin. Tensions between the organisational needs and your own needs can lead to personal acid tests. Also, many managers in classically organized companies feel lonely at the top.

Wherever you stand and whatever your current context, that is where we will start. An external, neutral sparring partner can support coachees in finding their own answers and solutions and give impulses for customised, one-on-one leadership development. You will benefit from an honest exchange while full confidentiality is guaranteed. 

Invest in your own growth or that of your organisation’s individual talents!

Change Analytics & Monitoring of Organisational Patterns

Organisations are social systems. Such complex adaptive systems that exhibit emerging patterns. They resist simplification and mechanistic approaches of planning and control. How to deal with that?

Decision makers need to be able to answer anytime: Where do we stand today? Are we heading in the right direction? And what is possible from here? In a fast-paced world, continuous, just-in-time feedback on and monitoring of organisational patterns is of the essence.

Employees are a valuable network of sensors for the early detection of internal and external weak signals, for “what is really going on”. Make that information accessible through analytics, monitoring and visualisation of complex patterns! It is for the benefit of all stakeholders and essential for organisational resilience.